2019.5.29 RELEASE

1st Album「FEEL GOOD」

2019.5.29 Release

The album is a collection of 12 songs, highlighting the versatility of SIRUP’s musical style with 7 brand new tracks, starting off with ”Pool”, a groovy and edgy floor-stomper produced by Mori Zentaro (who produced ”Do Well”, ”SWIM” etc.), and ranging to “Evergreen”, a 90’s R&B inspired modern shuffle beat track with a tinge of bittersweet nostalgia. 

5 fan favorites from his past EPs are also included, such as “Do Well”, which garnered major traction from being featured on Honda’s “VEZEL TOURING” national TV commercial, and “LOOP”, which has recorded over 14 million views on YouTube.

Almost every track features a different up and coming producer, such as Shin Sakiura, Chocoholic, A.G.O (CIRRRCLE) and Tokyo Recordings (Obukuro Nariaki, Yaffle), bringing listeners on on a “FEEL GOOD” ride of swing, groove and bounce throughout the entire album.  Collaborations with rapper BIM (on “Slow Dance feat. BIM”) and multi-instrumentalist/singer TENDRE (on “PLAY”) also bring a pop of color to the table, bringing out a SIRUP’s multifaceted artistry that is never confined to a single definition.


01. Pool– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
02. Do Well– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
03. Why– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
04. Rain– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
05. Evergreen– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
06. Slow Dance feat.BIM– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
07. Synapse– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
08. CRAZY– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
09. PRAYER– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
10. SWIM– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
11. PLAY feat.TENDRE– Lyrics (Japanese + English)
12. LOOP– Lyrics (Japanese + English)

Format : CD, Streaming