2020.3.25 RELEASE

CIY is an abbreviation for “Choice is Yours”, and the theme of this work is that how to use ”love” by oneself is the biggest key in life. Track maker / MPC player ‘’STUTS’’, London-born DJ and producer ‘’Joe Hertz’’ who specializes in Future R&B, ‘’Mori Zentaro’’ who also works on “Do Well” by SIRUP, and ‘’Shin Sakiura ‘’who has a close relationship as a live member also participated.

Seven songs including “Pool” in the 1st album “FEEL GOOD” released last year remixed by up-and-coming producer Tepppei are recorded

1.Need You Bad – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
2.MAIGO feat. Joe Hertz – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
3.Why Can’t – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
4.Light – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
5.Your Love – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
6.Ready For You – Lyrics (Japanese + English)
7.Pool (Tepppei Edit) – Lyrics (Japanese + English)