2021.3.17 RELEASE

01. R&W

Produced by A.G.O (produced music for Chara+YUKI, Sorane, maco marets, and SIRUP’s “One Day” and “PRAYER”), R&W is an uptempo dance tune with a strong beat and funk elements.  The song conveys the message of “respecting and empowering one another” and “understanding yourself better”.


02. Overnight

A collaboration with ROMderful, an up-and-coming producer from the UK (produced music for Kehlani and Leven Kali etc., as well as SIRUP’s “Online”), the groovy, gravity-defying track and SIRUP’s solid rap flow make for a magnetically catchy tune.  It’s a dance number that brings the listener on a journey of sharing the joy and happiness of music.


03. Keep Dancing feat. Full Crate

A collaboration with Full Crate, a popular Dutch producer who has produced and remixed songs for Syd (The Internet), Beyonce, and others, and has also released collaborative songs with Kyle Dion under his own name.  This is a groovy dance number with a minimalistically sophisticated beat, while the two sing in English and Japanese, giving a sexy, soulful latin dancehall vibe.



Produced by producer/DJ starRo (Grammy nominee for Best Remix Recording), and producer/guitarist Shin Sakiura. 

A heart-wrenchingly compelling yet warm and danceable track, HOPELESS ROMANTIC is SIRUP’s own “answer song” and love song created for survival in the chaotic world that we live in.


05. I won’t be

Produced by Shin Sakiura (worked on many SIRUP songs like “Ready For You”, “Last Dance”, and “CRAZY”), who is also a close friend and live band member.

An undeniably edgy and trendy trap soul track accentuated by crooning guitar riffs, SIRUP’s delicate and soulful vocals are on full display here.  Singing about the struggle to remain faithful while battling one’s inner demons, R&B lovers would love this track with its “standard R&B” vibe.


06. Online feat. ROMderful

This is the first collaboration between SIRUP and British producer ROMderful, both who were big fans of each others music even before they came in contact.

The sophisticated dreamy track is a perfect match for SIRUP’s soulful voice, freely evolving over the track with his unique flow and expression.

A “quarantine song” that was created to capture the frustration and longing that came with the loneliness of social distancing, “Online” was born from a remote collaboration with ROMderful during their quarantine.


07. Keep In Touch feat. SUMIN

“Keep In Touch feat. SUMIN” is an explosive collaboration between SIRUP and award winning Korean artist SUMIN (producer for BTS, Chung Ha, Red Velvet, winner of Best R&B Track Award and Best Soul/R&B Album Award at the 2019 Korean Popular Music Awards), and K-R&B mastermind Slom (producer for Jay Park, Zion T.). 

A silky, soulful duet with a nostalgic and shimmering R&B sound, “Keep in Touch feat. SUMIN” showcases the beautiful, feel-good, neo-soul/city pop vibe of the two artists’ music. SIRUP and SUMIN sing in Japanese and Korean about love, longing, and waiting for that “see you later”, and their voices intertwine to illustrate how even casual everyday conversations can become exceptional when it’s with a special someone. 


08. Journey

Produced by Mori Zentaro (producer for SIRUP’s “Do Well” and “Pool”), SIRUP’s good friend and bandmate in Soulflex, “Journey” is an upbeat number with an unexpected, surprising track progression, making it highly irresistible and addictive.  SIRUP’s rap flow is on full blast here, drawing inspiration from R&B/hip hop icons for rap verses that are, simply put, on fire.

The song’s message preaches the importance of realizing that “everything is multi-faceted with multiple layers”, a classically “SIRUP-style” approach towards rethinking social standards.


09. Trigger

A collaboration with Korean producer Slom, “Trigger” is a dreamy, deep trap soul track that morphs into a belting anthem, bringing out SIRUP’s wide and powerful vocal range.  An R&B number that painfully paints a “triggering” relationship, SIRUP sings of the pain of being at the mercy of someone, because of your one-sided devoted love to them.


10. Runaway

Produced by Grammy nominated independent artist starRo (ex Soulection, producer for Masego, DEAN etc), “Runaway” is a mid tempo, explosively anthemic, emotional alternative R&B track with a sunny, coastal cruising sound.  SIRUP’s powerful and persuasive vocals are on display, with lyrics that motivate and uplift the listener to “be themselves and find their own way”.


11. Sunshine

This is the third collaboration with British producer ROMderful.  With simple guitar riffs, shimmering synths, and an overall fresh soulful vibe, the track brings out SIRUP’s gentle and mellow side, with his delicate falsetto taking the listener on a meditative trip.  SIRUP calls this “the mindfulness song”, with its comforting lyrics and soundscape that hugs the listener like warm sunshine and hugs from a loved one.


12. Thinkin about us

Produced by Yaffle, who worked on SIRUP’s debut track “Synapse” and “Do Well (Yaffle Remix)”, and whose popularity has rapidly been rising due to his work with Kaze Fujii and iri.

Yaffle’s delicate and dynamic track and SIRUP’s warm, raw and emotional vocals are intimate yet dynamic, bringing the listener into a peaceful trip with this piercingly beautiful alternative R&B number.


13. Ready For You (Slom Remix)

Remixed by Slom, popular Korean producer for Jay Park, Zion. etc, “Ready For You (Slom Remix)” is a remix of SIRUP’s hit song (from EP “CIY”), originally used for Sapporo Beer Japan’s campaign. With a mature, silky, dreamy and sophisticated R&B sound, the remix elevates the original ballad into a completely new song with unexpected twists and turns, and hauntingly gorgeous chords.