Peugeot “NEW 208” commercial featuring “Overnight”, now airing online and on TV!

SIRUP’s single “Overnight” (released on February 24th, produced by ROMderful) is featured in Peugeot’s “NEW 208” advertisement campaign.

The TV commercials will start airing today, May 24th.
PEUGEOT is a creative, global, generalist brand that strives to be better than ever.

This commercial showcases the “NEW208” driving through the city at night, and SIRUP’s groove-filled sound enhances the playful yet sophisticated mood, highlighting the “French Tech” that brings joy to drivers.

The commercial is also available on YouTube, so please check it out!

NEW208 TV/Online commercial

Ad info
Title: NEW PEUGEOT 208/ e-208-French Tech (15 sec)
Broadcast schedule: May 24 (Monday) ~ 
Music: SIRUP “Overnight